Logic and Computer Science: C.I.M.E. Lectures (1990) Logic and Computer Science: C.I.M.E. Lectures (1990)

The courses given at the 1st Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo (C.I.M.E.) Summer School of 1988 dealt with the main areas on the borderline between applied logic and theoretical computer science. These courses are recorded here in five expository papers:

1) Steve Homer: The Isomorphism Conjecture and its Generalization.
2) Anil Nerode: Some Lectures on Intuitionistic Logic.
3) Richard Platek: Making Computers Safe for the World. An Introduction to Proofs of Programs. Part I.
4) Gerald Sacks: Prolog Programming.
5) Andrei Scedrov: A Guide to Polymorphic Types.

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