Kreiseliana (1996) Kreiseliana (1996)

Kreiseliana is a multifaceted collection of essays, reminiscences and professional papers that combine to create a tribute to Georg Kreisel, the influential logician and mathematical philosopher, who was a longtime friend and confident of Wittgenstein and Gödel.

The book aims to communicate to a wider circle his personal and intellectual influence, through the contributions of the biologist Francis Crick, the mathematician Freeman Dyson, the logician Solomon Feferman, and of a number of other friends, collaborators and disciples of one of the great minds of the 20-th Century.


It is false that this book is ONLY for "mathematician fans and armchair philosophers" as the Amazon review insinuates. The book contains many mathematical and serious philosophical articles as well as invaluable personal information about one of the most interesting logicians of all times... Useful and inspiring. A good antidote against dessicated academics![...]
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